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2023 Annual report

2021 Annual report

2022 Annual report

Diving into and addressing “below the surface” conditions that produce “above the surface” results, Coalescion strives to improve and advance transformational global security outcomes by engaging across a spectrum of stakeholders and systems that exist to support or are on the receiving end of those outcomes. 


Whether introducing our concepts and experiences to emerging or established security practitioners, conducting full training courses and modules for multi-stakeholder audiences, global security communities, or working hand-in-hand with partners to develop and execute original capacity building projects and initiatives, Coalescion provides immediate solutions while simultaneously laying the foundation for long-term impacts. 


From impression to immersion to impact, this is the Coalescion “way.” We would be humbled to receive your support – every dollar contributed will bring us all closer to an emerging future that is more secure, mutually reinforcing, and sustainable in every possible way. 


Are you interested in learning more about Coalescion’s impact, services, or methodologies? Is there a specific organizational pillar of service that you would like your contribution to advance? Contact us at and let us know your idea and thank you for your interest and support!

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