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About us

Coalescion is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia whose vision is sustainable human survival, security, and thrivability. Coalescion works toward that vision by advancing and operationalizing human security literacy, representation, outcomes, and stakeholder interaction models according to four mission pillars:

I. Research and Analysis, II. Engagement, III. Education and Training, and IV. Advocacy.


Driven by the belief that humanity cannot (co)exist on good ideas alone, Coalescion specializes in operationalizing outcomes as the necessary “precursor” to achieving genuinely sustainable human solutions.

Our Vision

Sustainable human survival, security, and “thrivability”

Our Mission

Advancing and operationalizing human security literacy, representation, outcomes, and interaction models through mutually reinforcing research and analysis, engagement, education and training, and advocacy.

Our inspiration

Coalescion is inspired by thinkers who “do” and doers who “think”. We take inspiration from the natural world, math, technology, and the arts and sciences. We look for examples where multiple entities or variables within a specific system work together in harmony and/or are comprised of mutually reinforcing systems. We then identify, adapt, and integrate observed principles into our human interaction approaches to improve and enrich cooperation and outcomes in international relations and security. 

We are driven by an urgency to identify and implement sustainable human solutions to advance understanding and peace among nations and their citizens. The nature and pace of current global conflicts, threats, technology trends, and hyper-resource competition combined with outdated and ineffective international relations strategies and engagement models puts humanity at existential risk. 

Our mission work pinpoints areas along the spectrum of international relations and global security where we can advocate for and apply win-win stakeholder (nations, defined communities, or individuals) approaches. Our expert teams can be deployed independently or integrated within broader teams to support 1) awareness-raising or culture-building activities, 2) policy development, application, and compliance strategies, 3) technical and process capacity-building efforts, 4) systems analysis, 5) change management, 6) conflict resolution, and 7) any projects where multiple stakeholders need to understand each other better, work together on shared goals, and/or efficiently and effectively build capabilities. 


The world is a finite home with finite resources and the best way to protect it is to start with “people” strategies – as the great George Carlin once said, “Save the planet?! We don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet!” He was right. Understanding how to peacefully and productively, engage, work, and live with each other may end up being the greatest and most impactful way to preserve the planet we call home.

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