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zarko palankov


Zarko Palankov strives to create a more inclusive, equitable world where every human being is treated with dignity and respect and has a fair shot at happiness. He works at the intersection of leadership, learning and community. He makes space and holds space for people to learn, grow, and create. He activates potential, enabling people, organizations, and communities to discover, tap into and unleash their latent abilities in order to re-imagine how they work together and magnify what they can achieve.

Zarko founded the social enterprise LeadIN to democratize leadership development and transform how mission-driven organizations work by cultivating participatory, strengths-based leadership practices. He is also a senior organizational development consultant at the World Bank, coaching individuals and teams on how to work collaboratively and on how to design, establish, and sustain knowledge communities that connect people, promote peer learning and knowledge exchange, and foster collaboration.

Zarko helps steer and grow the Building Belonging emergent collective that works toward transformation and liberation. He is an experienced Art of Hosting and Harvesting practitioner, a certified Community Manager by the World Bank, and a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow.

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