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Ms. Sotheary Yim


Sotheary Yim is an accomplished psychologist, organizational coach, peacebuilder, and creative facilitator of dialogue on issues relating to teamwork, relationships, and well-being. Sotheary's work lies at the intersection of trauma, healing, and reconciliation, with a focus on nurturing resilience and growth. Sotheary is the founder of the Sneha Center (Sneha - Sneha) located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which is a space where people connect with therapists, professional coaches, and peers to explore the above mentioned intersections, transform crisis into healing and reconciliation, and work toward realizing and utilizing their full potential. Sotheary was instrumental in producing a comprehensive guidebook called "Understanding Trauma in Cambodia" and has authored many other publications and journals on these and related topics.   

Sotheary is passionate about the work she is doing to address gender bias and discrimination and to advocate for equality. Sotheary firmly believes that “There is no peace if women are not taken seriously”. Therefore, she applies her informed perspectives, unwavering commitment, and decades’ worth of proven methodologies to serve as a source of inspiration and support to women and their male counterparts as they navigate personal and professional diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts and challenges.  

Sotheary has 20 years of experience and knowledge, much of which she has acquired through interacting with people and learning from their unique stories; stories which have inspired her zest for travel and cultivated her passion to meaningfully connect people and communities and bridge gaps that may exist between them.  

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