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Who we Are

Board of Directors

Dedicated, decorated, and service-oriented executive body with specializations in business, diplomacy, defense, financial, legal, and STEM issues.​

International advisory board

An 18-member thought leadership cadre representing 12 countries across 5 continents. Accomplished and innovative practitioners with notable achievements in STEM, national and global security, systems thinking, change management, education, health, cultural competency, linguistics, and more.​

Our Team

A dynamic, talented, committed, and agile workforce of globally located full-time employees, contractors, and consultants who drive Coalescion's operations and success.​

Emerging practitioners in international security

More than a traditional internship, EPIS has characteristics of a classic apprenticeship model, whereby learning is immersive and hands-on, but is unique in that EPIS members and the master practitioners with whom they engage are “learning” from each other. ​

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