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Mr. swapnil Kishore

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Swapnil Kishore, Founder & CEO of an Indian defense company, Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions (COVINTS), is a Counter-Terrorism Expert (Islamic Jihad & Cyber Terrorism), a professional Criminologist (Counter Transnational Organized Crime & Terrorism), and a Cyber Security Consultant (Ethical Hacker & Cyber Forensic Expert). Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions, COVINTS, is an Indian defense company, focused on delivering customized turnkey solutions from risk analysis, defense systems, and equipment to training, tailored to customers’ most challenging needs. From Military Equipment to Training, Defense and Crime Science Studies to Research, High-tech Surveillance, and Intelligence Solutions to Access Control, Perimeter and Ingress Solutions to Ancillary Installation Materials, all integrated with leading-edge Command & Control Intelligence Systems, our teams are focused on delivering essential Counterterrorism, Cyber Operations, Intelligence, Crime Science, and C5ISR Solutions to clientele in the national and international security community.

He has been providing consultancy for more than 15 years on Counter-Terrorism/Counter-Intelligence Cyber-Terrorism, Counter Cyber-crime/Cyber Forensics, and Investigative strategies. He is an alumnus of Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel from where he did an M.A. in Government with a specialization in Counterterrorism and Homeland Security. He did M.Sc. in Criminology, specialized in Counter Transnational Organized Crime from Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Central Police Organization, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. 

He was involved with International Institute for Counterterrorism, Israel, working on Modelling of Cyber Terrorism (Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crime & Hacker’s involvement), Financing of Terrorists/Jihadists, and other related issues. He has been trained under various units of Indian Government Agencies like the National Crime Record Bureau, Economic Offence Wing, Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Central Bureau of Investigation, and has worked with Economic Offence Wing, Delhi while doing his specialization work on Cyber Crime in an organized form. He has designed and researched the Security Strategies of Delhi Metro Railway Corporation during his training days. He also went under-training at the Anti-Piracy Wing of the Indian Music Industry to unearth the entire chain of fabrication under the Intellectual Property Right Acts. He has also been an active Speaker both at National and International Conferences/Workshops.

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