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Dr. Stephen Royle

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Dr. Stephen Royle is an experienced strategist and operator in high-risk environments, having previously served in the British Royal Navy and more recently undertaken senior roles in the Middle East, including that of a liaison and analysis specialist in Iraq, where he managed a team of experts and advised foreign ministries, international organizations, and private sector clients on threat and risk related matters. Stephen also served as an advisor to the Palestinian Prime Minister and has spent extended periods of time in the Levant region. Stephen currently works for a highly reputable risk consultancy company and advises Coalescion on its strategic practice, methodology, research and analysis methods, as well as stakeholder engagement. He is, himself, a practiced researcher and analyst of security, politics, and socioeconomics, and is a published writer. 

He is the co-author of the book The Origin of ISIS: The Collapse of Nations and Revolution in the Middle East, as well as the author of Islamic Development in Palestine: A Comparative Study. Recent publications also include the co-authoring of a chapter Iraq and the evolution of Saudi-Iranian relations in the book Saudi Arabia and Iran: The struggle to shape the Middle East. Stephen obtained his PhD in Politics from the University of Lancaster, and his Master of Letters from the University of St. Andrews. 

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