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Dr. Mohammed J. Al-Sharaa


Dr. Al-Sharaa is a global security expert with a diverse background in scientific research and government service. Beginning his professional journey in 1983 as a communication scientist with Iraq's Council of Scientific Research, he later transitioned to the European Space Agency (ESA) until 1991. Following this, he served with the Iraqi Military Industrialization Commission until 2003.

From 2004 to 2017, Dr. Al Sharaa held the position of Director General for Iraq's National Monitoring Authority for Non-Proliferation. During this tenure, he assumed various pivotal roles including the governor of Iraq to the (IAEA) Board of Governors and Head of the National Authorities for key international treaties such as (CWC), (BWTC), IAEA safeguards, and (CTBT). Moreover, he acted as the national coordinator for initiatives like the (PSI) and the (HCOC).

In addition to his governmental commitments, Dr. Al Sharaa has contributed to numerous national and international security-focused councils, committees, and working groups. These include roles within the National Security Deputy Ministers Council, the IAEA Nuclear Security Guidance Committee (NSGC), the International Technical Working Group (ITWG), the Iraq Nuclear Energy Committee (INEC), and the Wise Men nonproliferation Committee for the Arab League Secretary-General.

Since he departed from government service in 2017, Dr. Al Sharaa has lent his expertise as a consultant, aiding in the development of global security policies and frameworks concerning CBRN safety and security, border security, and nonproliferation issues. He has provided consultancy services to organizations such as (CRDF), (UNICRI), (TCM), (CAR), and Coalescion. Dr. Al Sharaa holds advisory roles in Coalescion International Advisory Board, Babel CBRN International Advisory Board, and Iraq Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Al Sharaa has authored numerous research papers and scientific reports spanning the realms of communication and non-proliferation.

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