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Dr.maria j. espona

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Maria J. Espona, Biologist (1994), Master in Terrorism Studies (2013) and Doctor in Criminology (2019). She is an expert in the WMD field, especially in the CBW arena and export control. She has several publications on those topics. She teaches in universities in Argentina, Georgia and Peru, on Information Quality, CBRN export control and dual-use and responsible use of data.


Currently she is the leader of the following project: TI CBRN Export Control on Dual-Use Materials and Intangible Technologies in Central Asia (ISTC). She also participates as SME in several Health Security Partners and Coalescion projects on biorisk management and export control, among other topics, in Latin America and other regions. She is South America's EU P2P Regional Coordinator and works with SCK-CEN on an export control-related project.

In the past, she participated in EU-funded projects on CBRN and export control of dual-use goods and technologies. She is a member of the WHO's Technical Advisory Group on the Responsible Use of the Life Sciences and Dual-Use Research (TAG-RULS DUR).


She holds several awards because of her work on Information Quality and her leadership. Since 2021, CDO Ambassador to Argentina from CDOIQ, isCDO and CDO Magazine. She is the Director ArgIQ, Argentina Information Quality.

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