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Gregory a. Baker-secretary


Greg is a retired Senior Military Officer, Servant Leader, and award winning senior executive in operations and logistics. Greg’s passion for leading and building teams began after enlisting in the U.S Army Reserves in the summer of 1986 and attending basic training and combat medic courses. This passion grew following his time in the Reserve Officer Training Program at the University of Nebraska – Omaha (UNO). Upon graduation Greg attended the Army Chemical Officer Training course and was subsequently selected to the Army Flight School where he would earn his helicopter pilot wings. Greg’s Army career was comprised of a series of ever-increasing leadership roles and technical positions that ranged from platoon leader, company commander, senior tactics and techniques observer, logistics and maintenance manager, senior logistics, maintenance and facilities manager, executive leadership commander, and principal director.

He retired as the Director of Army Museums; a role that enabled him to apply his military leadership and executive skills in a hybrid military-civilian capacity and was emblematic of his personal dedication to Servant Leadership. 
Greg’s military career took him all around the United States and the world, including stops in Alabama, Georgia, New York, Korea, Texas, California, Hawaii, and Virginia. As part of his military service, Greg worked with Iraqi border security forces in 2006 to build capacity for their mission. In 2013-2014, as Chief of the Senior Advisory Group within the Office of Security Cooperation, Greg worked with U.S. embassy and Iraqi partners to develop strategic and operational objectives to strengthen Iraqi security conditions which included countering chemical weapons threats in and proximate to Iraq.
Post-transition Greg works in a contractor capacity to develop future planning concepts in support of the U.S. Department of the Defense, Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA). Greg is a member of the Veterans Committee for the North America Board of Certified Energy Professionals and serves as Board of Director Secretary for the global security-focused nonprofit organization, Coalescion. A native of Nebraska, Greg is grounded in and by his family and has a deep passion for the land. He loves sports, soccer being a particular favorite, and is committed to helping create sustainable, high functioning, and mutually reinforcing teams however he can. Greg resides in northern Virginia with his wife Shawn and daughter Sadie. 

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