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Anna festersen
Program and Research Assistant


Anna Festersen joined the Coalescion team in October of 2022 as a member of the Emerging Practitioner in International Security (EPIS) program. During her time with Coalescion, Anna has served as a rapporteur and presentation material co-creator for international conferences including the Government of Iraq’s International CBRN Safety and Security Conference. She has also contributed to Coalescion business development by aiding in the draft phase of project proposal documents submitted to the State Department and participating bureaus.

Anna will be entering her fourth year of undergrad in the fall as a student at Tufts University where she studies International Relations with a concentration in International Security. She is also working towards a minor in French and will complete a semester abroad in Paris, France in May of 2024. Anna’s past professional experience includes several roles in the hospitality and service industry and a position as a camp counselor. Additionally, she has experience volunteering for Tufts Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services, Heartland Family Service, and the American Heart Association.  

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