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coalescion "coalesce + scion"

Bringing together the inheritors of the earth to operationalize Sustainable human survival, security, and thrivability

our service pillars



Unique written products focused on essential, yet often overlooked stakeholders, dynamics, and factors that impact international interactions and security assistance outcomes.



Customized modules, technical policy, or other international capacity-building security assistance initiatives and programs to ensure capabilities, skills, and knowledge integration.



Professional certification and training programs and instruction for national and international security practitioners.



Activities that change and elevate the discourse, constructs, and assumptions informing international engagement and security mental models, policies, programs, and practices.

Women in Strategic Trade Mentorship Initiative 

Coalescion, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Export Control and Border Security Program (EXBS), invites applications for the Women in Strategic Trade Mentorship Initiative (WiSTMI).  The initiative will support early-to-mid-career women in the field of strategic trade controls. This program is open to candidates coming from the public and private sectors. Successful candidates should demonstrate commitment to WiSTMI goals and a willingness to engage in all aspects of the initiative. 

Applications are currently closed. 

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Thoughts Following the 7th International CBRN Safety and 

Security Conference

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CRBN: A Case Study For A New Model Of International Cooperation

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