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Thao Nguyen
EPIS 2024

TNguyen Photo (1).jpg

Thao is a recent graduate from Georgetown University, where she participated in a dual program in Business & Global Affairs and traveled to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, and Ghana to learn about problems and challenges in public-private engagement in various regions of the world. Hailing from Hanoi, Vietnam, she is passionate about issues of regional cooperation in Southeast Asia as well as geopolitical challenges in the Indo-Pacific as a result of US-China tensions. Thao’s coursework and professional experiences have showcased her ability to think creatively across disciplines and deliver impact through structured thinking and effective visualization. 

Some projects she has worked on include a preliminary research project on biodiversity credit schemes for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a feasibility analysis to bring liquified natural gas applications to mining trucks in Ghana. In her free time, Thao enjoys serving her communities through various projects that aim to help eradicate sexual violence and violence against women. She loves listening to jazz, trying new recipes, and connecting with people through food. As a member of the Emerging Practitioners in International Security Program (EPIS) 2024-25 Cohort, Thao hopes to support the important work at Coalescion and looks forward to gaining practical skills that prepare her to analyze and operationalize solutions in a complex geopolitical and security environment.  

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