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Jessica Hirsch
Program and Resea
rch Assistant


Jessica is currently a senior at Tufts University, and a Program and Research Assistant. She is finalizing an academic career in International Relations and Psychology. During her time at university, Jessica leads the research sector of a student-organized Latin American research group. Outside of Tufts, Jessica has worked in the private and public sectors. Her skills have contributed to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s efforts to tackle climate change, and aiding political stabilization in Latin America through program development.

Jessica is from New York City, but she has a very international background as her family comes from seven different countries. Due to her multicultural upbringing, she speaks fluent Spanish, can communicate in French, and understands Portuguese and Italian. A combination of her background and academic focus has led her to explore the field of international conflict resolution. During her free time, Jessica enjoys painting, aerial silks, and music.

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