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Emily G. Sears
Project Lead

Emily Sears is an advocate, researcher, and program assistant with seven years of experience in service, education, and non-profit industries. Before joining the Coalescion team, Emily volunteered with two Habitat for Humanity offices in North Carolina where she conducted government advocacy efforts concerning equitable or nondiscriminatory housing policies and responding to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on homeowners, renters, and unhoused communities. In preparation to enter the field of national security, Emily pursued and was awarded a research grant provided by the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates Program on Civil Conflict Management and Peace Science (NSF-REU) and facilitated by the University of North Texas. Through the NSF-REU program, Emily authored a graduate-level research paper on an underdeveloped topic concerning the impact of topography on civilian casualties associated with one-sided violence.
Emily is currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland where she is pursuing a Master's degree in Violence, Terrorism, and Security at Queen’s University Belfast. Her professional and academic pursuits have prepared Emily to fulfill her goal of creating a safer world by working alongside and in support of national and international security communities and professionals. 

In 2021, Emily received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science with minors in Interfaith Studies and History from Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina.
 Throughout her time at Queens, she served in a number of leadership positions including the president of the Interfaith Leadership Council, student coordinator of the Migrant Assistance Project, and the Civic Engagement Fellow, a position focused on voter education and civic action. In conjunction with these extracurriculars, Emily studied Comparative Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Political Economy which furthered her interest in national and international security.
Emily is a proud local of a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and she enjoys spending time hiking, swimming, and camping. Emily also loves to travel, and she has served in migrant shelters on the US/Mexico border, visited Northern Ireland to better understand the peace process following the country’s thirty-year conflict, and studied the history of warfare at the University of Oxford, England in 2016. These experiences, along with support from her family, are the foundations of her dedication to serving others and pursuing a more secure, just, and equitable world.
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